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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a high content of vitamins, aroma, polyphenols and antioxidants is obtained by storing under nitrogen gas and bottling away from light and oxygen. Quality control activities are planned and developed in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System in all processes from harvest to reaching consumer.

Natural Cocoa Powder
Bakery wheat flour "zolotaya zhitnitsa", 2 kg

Хлебопекарная мука высшего сорта «Золотая Житница» по ГОСТ 26574 –2017. Изготавливается из экологически чистого сырья, не содержит ГМО, белизна 58-59 единиц; глютен 28%; ИДК 70-75; ПЭ 350,

Bakery wheat flour, premium grade "Novomoskovskaya", 2 kg

Мука пшеничная высшего сорта «Новомосковская», 2 кг по ГОСТ 26574 –2017. Изготовлен из экологически чистого сырья, не содержит ГМО, белизны 58-59 единиц; глютен 28%; ИДК 70-75; ПЭ 350,

We sell flax

LLC PKF "Mayak" sells flax, purity 97%, Rostov region, Zernograd, st. K. Marx, 20a Tech. Declaration specifications






Soda ASH 1st Grade «B» - Light

Soda ash is the common name for the technical grades of anhydrous sodium carbonate (Nа2CO3). It is a white, finely crystalline, water soluble material. Soda ash is one of the most important industrial chemicals and the most widely used fixed alkali for the manufacture of other alkali products, sodium salts, glass, soap, pulp and paper, iron and steel, cellulose and rayon, cleaning compounds, water softening chemicals, textiles, drugs, etc.Packing of Soda Ash Light:- Polypropylene bags (woven laminated box – shaped valve technical bags, perforated) weight 50 kg (± 2 %);-in soft containers (1.5 big-bag type) up to 1000 kg;-in bulk.Transportation: Soda ash is transported in bulk by shipload lots (3000 MT, 5000 MT, 10 000 MT) or in 20/40” containers (FCL)). Minimum Order Quantity: one 20/40” container (20-26 MT).Terms of payment: 100% advanced payment by TT or LC (terms to be discussed).Price: FOB Saint- Peterburg, Novorossiysk, Stambul Тех. спецификации 1. Visual appearance – White granules 2. Sodium carbonate (Nа2CO3) mass content, %, min – 993. Sodium carbonate (Nа2CO3) mass content equivalent to unignited product, %, min – 98.24. Mass content loss at ignition (270-300)0 С, %, max – 0.85. Weight content of chlorides in terms of NаСl, %, max – 0.56. Weight content of ferrum in terms of Fe2O3, %, max – 0.0037. Weight content of water insoluble , %, max – 0.048. Weight content of sulfates in terms of Na2SO4, %, max – 0.054

Chicken fat

Russian Trade Organization (RTO) offers chicken fat according to GOST R54676-2011 at wholesale prices for the following indicators: .Packaging: filling in a flexi tank or in barrels. Production – Russia. Terms of shipment: FOB Novorossiysk, Russia. Minimum batch: from 200 tons. Prices and availability – please check with the managers! Form of payment: prepayment, bank letter of credit, deferred payment. For food businesses only. Those. specifications acid number – 3 mg mass fraction of moisture – 0.80%

Soybean oil

Liquid vegetable oil obtained from soybean seeds and is often used commercially as a raw material for margarine and mayonnaise. Soybean oil contains linolenic, linoleic, oleic, arachidic, palmitic, stearic fatty acids, vitamins E, B4, K, as well as mineral elements Soybean oil is a source of lecithin, which is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Golden coriander

The company is ready to offer you export golden coriander: GOST at a price of 46,000 rubles / ton including VAT directly from procurement farms or from an elevator: Russia. If necessary, we can deliver to any point in the territory of the Russian Federation, the CIS and other countries. There is a complete package of documents for products. Harvest 2019 Minimum volume from 20 tons All the necessary accompanying documents are attached to the product. The offered products are shipped in bags. The main activities of the company are the export and import of natural, environmentally friendly, fresh grain, fruit and vegetable crops, which maximally satisfy the needs of customers for healthy and tasty food. Russian fresh grain and fruit and vegetable products have long been famous for their unsurpassed taste and aroma all over the world. We work ONLY according to the following scheme: -fill out an official application with the details of the company-then send an agreement for signing-issue an invoice for payment After payment of the invoice, your representative can be present and control loading. The price varies depending on the declared volume. Non-cash form of payment, 100% prepayment If you are interested in the offer, please download the application form and send it to our address by mail: [email protected] WE WORK ONLY THROUGH THE CONTRACT Tech. specifications Coriander: GOST moisture content – 9.09%, trash content – 1.8%, Semi-flowers -4.9%

Fillet of carcass chicken-br zam, p / f from poultry meat natur piece of boneless natur zam (nefas, block 20 kg)

Chicken meat is one of the most important dietary and readily available components of the daily diet. It is suitable for everyone: both children and adults, and who have problems with overweight. The reason for this is the large amount of proteins and the low content of Tech. specifications Frozen. Monolith. Product weight 20 kg.

Yeast wort concentrate
Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil, refined, deodorized, frozen, premium. GOST 1129-2013.

Packaged and weight honey from a farm

We offer natural honey (packaged and by weight) from the manufacturer. Honey collected on the lands of the Khoper River – an ecological pearl of the center of Russia. Honey is packed in plastic containers of 40g. (Portioned), 150g., 300g., 1000g., In glass containers of 350g., 500g., In cube containers of 35 kg. On request, other packaging is possible. We have all the necessary documentation. Features of our company: – stability of low prices and deliveries; – 20 years of experience working with chain stores, wholesale companies, gastronomy; – serial production of packaged honey; – work with VAT and without VAT; – honey delivery according to applications – quality assurance; – flexible approach to working conditions. Send a request to the email address [email protected] and you will receive more detailed information about our products. Contact phone: 89271241718http: // culinary, retail

Cane sugar

Shipment from 10 000 tons (ship consignment) Volumes up to 50 thousand tons form of payment: letter of credit (disclosure of funds after the arrival of the vessel at the port of destination according to the bill of lading) Pickup / delivery to any country All documents Call us! +79275769019

Caramel molasses
Chickpeas (TURKISH PEAS)
Durum wheat (durum)


Installation of molded briquetting "Emelya"

The installation works in automatic mode. "UVB" Emelya "was created for use both in large food production and for the development of an independent business for the production of crispbread.

Fishmeal plants

The units successfully process wastes from poultry, meat (combat waste, by-products, bones) production. During the production process, raw materials are processed into fishmeal and packed in bags, and the resulting fat is collected in containers for further processing. Lines for the continuous processing of fish waste into fishmeal and fat have a capacity of 5 to 50 tons / day for raw materials Advantages of the proposed installation: – Fast installation and the minimum space requirement are a distinctive feature of the fat flour plant; – Less electricity and steam consumption due to the minimum amount transport links between the units; – Great ease of maintenance, since the main units are mounted in one block.

Food chickpea

Grown in ecologically clean fields, without the use of GMOs, it has an excellent delicious nutty taste. Ideal for preparing traditional dishes. Those. specifications Chickpea according to GOST 8756-76 with the following characteristics: moisture – 12% impurity: 0.5% damage – 2-3% max size – from 5+ (6+; 7+ mm and above) Origin – Russia.