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Novattro polystyrene

Polystyrene sheets (PS) are polymeric solid sheets obtained by extrusion of polystyrene granules; SafPlast LLC produces sheets of general purpose polystyrene – GPPS (general purpose polystyrene) – transparent, shock-resistant. The main advantage of polystyrene sheets is the lower price range compared to most analogues (acrylic, polycarbonate, etc.). At the same time, the general complex of consumer properties (physical, mechanical and optical indicators, the possibility of mechanical and thermo-vacuum processing, the physiological safety of the material) meets the requirements of the areas of application of the material. Fields of application: lighting technology – as light diffusers, advertising and lighting structures, interior and sanitary partitions Thicknesses: 1.5mm – 3mm Colors: transparent, opal, transparent Prism Check the exact prices for a specific product from dealers in your cityMore information at: http: // dealers in your city: Manufacturer's contact: SafPlast LLC, Russia, Tatarstan, Vysokogorsky district, highway M-7, 806 km. (2 km south of the village of Makarovka), tel. (843) 233-05-33, e-mail: [email protected]

Snegurochka office copy paper

Paper for office equipment Snegurochka (A4, 80 g / m2, whiteness 146% CIE, 500 sheets) price 206 rubles. Paper A4 Snegurochka has a high degree of whiteness and uniformity of paper pulp. Grade C paper. The versatility of A4 paper allows you to create any document for office work. Density of sheets is standard 80 gsm, opacity 90%. One package contains 500 sheets of printing paper. A4 paper Snegurochka will provide a stable result when working on any copiers and printers. Those. specifications Technical specification Paper weight 1 m2, g80 Sheet thickness, micron 106 Hardness CD, mN40 Hardness MD, mN100 Roughness, ml / min 220 CIE whiteness, 6 ISO D65 / 10 whiteness, 3.5 ISO C / 2 whiteness, Opacity,% at least 90 Surface hardness, Dennis at least 12 water (Cobb 60), g / m2 25 Moisture,% 4.6 Mass fraction of ash,% not less 18 Porosity, ml / min 850 Dirt, number of specks 0.1-0.4 mm2 / m2, not more 30

Biodegradable sealable container

To date, our enterprise for the production of biodegradable packaging and disposable tableware is the only one in the Russian Federation. We produce products from corn starch. This is a unique type of environmentally friendly and safe material, in the production process of which substances harmful to the human body are not used. For the environment, any kind of disposal of these products is also absolutely harmless. Products made of corn starch belong to the category of inexpensive packaging and disposable tableware. In the manufacture, substances are used that are completely harmless both from an operational point of view and from the side of subsequent disposal. They are free of toxic substances like plastic products in this category. Choosing eco-friendly tableware and packaging made from corn starch not only helps to protect the environment, but also economically justifies and justifies. Dishes and packaging made from bioplastics is our future. It is lightweight, durable, does not deform, and is easy to handle. It will quickly replace the usual appliances made from harmful materials from a practical point of view, but at the same time does not harm the environment. Biodegradable packaging and dishes made of corn starch can withstand high temperatures, and when stored in the freezer, also cold temperatures. reheat food in a microwave oven. We are ready to manufacture products according to an individual customer's project. Our designers will help you develop an optimal design, choose a color scheme and launch your unique project into production as soon as possible. Our production facilities allow us to provide almost any order.

Polypropylene multifilament thread

For 18 years we have been producing high-strength polypropylene yarns, harsh and colored. At the request of the customer, the thread can be subjected to additional processing – twisting (from 50 to 400 twists per meter). The advantages of products from polypropylene threads have been widely known for a long time: Changes in humidity and temperature have practically no effect on products made of polypropylene multifilament threads, polypropylene products are actively used in areas where resistance to chemicals, alkalis and solvents, as well as low temperatures is required, polypropylene products remain flexible at -50 'C, abrasion and bending are also not scary. Products made of polypropylene, which allows replacing expensive polymers, are widely used and increase the competitiveness of products, thereby ensuring the effectiveness of the development of the domestic economy. Those. specifications Technical properties of polypropylene: – hygroscopic, does not absorb water and other liquids; – resistance to the action of chemicals and acids; – high dielectric (electrical insulating) properties; – has the lowest thermal conductivity in comparison with other synthetic threads; – low specific gravity, which is expressed in a large volume of the product with a lower weight compared to other synthetic threads; – low coefficient of friction, – stability against sudden temperature changes, – environmentally friendly, inert, suitable for reuse.

Lumber (Edged board)

We produce and sell edged and planed coniferous timber (Spruce, Pine) in the Kirov region. We offer various sizes and various profiles.

Lid for canning SKO-82 "Luck of the Hostess"

The inner surface of the lids is covered with a reinforced enamel coating, which provides resistance to mechanical stress and various aggressive environments; In the manufacture of products such as lids, tinplate is used, which is obtained in the process of electrolytic tinning. The thickness of the sheet is 0.18 mm. Cover with two stiffeners. These stiffeners enhance the structural strength of the cover. The lid consists of a 0.17 mm thick lacquered tin cover and a rubber sealing ring. Pressing rolling of the edge of the cover SKO with a roller will ensure a tight sealing. Dimensions of the cover SKO 1-82: height of the cover – 6.9 mm, outer diameter – 89.6 mm Main characteristics include: strength, tightness, quality, durability, shelf life 30 months , mono color lithography. Lids SKO 1-82 have a declaration of conformity and are used for home canning in glass jars with a neck type SKO 82 in diameter. Those. specifications Seaming caps with full-color lithography for home canning Type: I-82 / Diameter 82 mm. Name: SKO-82 caps – "LUCK OF THE HOSTESS". (color) Material: tinplate EZhK – 0.18 mm. / 0.20 mm (at the request of the client) Outer coating: lacquered and lithograph (full color) Inner coating: lacquered and enamel Lid size: lid height – 6.9 mm, outer diameter – 89.6 mm Package size: 9 cm × 9 cm × 19 cm Weight 1 piece: 15 grams Packing: The lid is packed in a special thermal film, 50 pieces each. Then such packages are filled into boxes of 600 pieces. Set of stacks: 50 lids. 1 pallet – 72 boxes. In 1 box -12 stacks of 50 pieces per stack. Box weight: 8 kg. Gross pallet weight: 600 kg. Pallet height with goods: 1.6m. .Certificate: EASC Country: Russia


Edged birch board length 1.2 m

Housekeeper Wall Orange House (Large)

It is used to decorate rooms (usually a hallway), has an original design, a large number of hooks and two shelves for free use Tech. specifications Wall-mounted key holder with 5 hooks made of birch, with two shelves. Some parts are finished with mocha stain. Manufactured on laser equipment, assembled by hand. Coated with varnish for easy dust removal. All elements are environmentally friendly. Designed for orderly storage of keys, wallet and mail in the hallway.

Cellulose and birch and oak lumber

we produce oak and birch lumber, we sell BHTM and Cellulose

Labeling equipment

Machines of JSC NPO Pribor named after S.S. Golembiovsky "are simple and reliable in operation, do not require additional equipment, and are as ergonomic as possible. Labeling equipment is the optimal solution to the problem of labeling products in small and medium-sized businesses.