Additive to lubricants – antiwear nanomodifier "Striboil"

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Antiwear nanomodifier "Striboil" – a product of nanotechnology, significantly reduces mechanical friction losses and increases the period of equipment uptime, extends the life of lubricants and fine filters, has antioxidant and detergent properties. This makes it possible to reduce the use of traditional oils and additives, and, accordingly, reduce the cost of the lubricant. Processing with a nanomodifier does not require stopping the equipment and is carried out in the normal operation mode. It is important that the application of the nanomodifier does not require high qualification of the service personnel. Antiwear nanomodifier is used to service various types of equipment: – cars, trucks, tractors, truck cranes; – tractors, combines, other agricultural machinery; – excavators, graders, bulldozers, dump trucks, drilling equipment; – lifts, cranes, other loading equipment; – locomotives, wagons, electric trains; – container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, dry cargo ships, cruise liners, tugs; Can be used wherever there are mechanical friction units: – diesel and gasoline engines; – gas and steam turbines; – electric motors and generators; – pumps , compressors, blowers; – hydraulic equipment; – other mechanisms;

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