Bulk cartridges made of ammonite 6ZhV in a polyethylene sheath with a diameter of 90 mm (PNP-A6ZhV-90) TU 84-1026-84

Price from: $ 1202

They are polyethylene shells filled with ammonite 6ZHV with metal clamps sealed, intended for charging dry and watered wells, as well as fighters during blasting operations on the surface and in underground conditions, except for mines and mines hazardous in terms of gas and dust. use of cartridges for breaking sulphide ores. Technical characteristics: – specific density: 1.0 g / cm?; – detonation speed: 3.6 – 4.8 km / s; – oxygen balance: – 0.53%; – gas volume: 895 l / kg. The guaranteed shelf life is 12 months.

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Product value

0,00 м3

Product length

500 мм

Product width

1 мм

Product height

1 мм