Date candies with lemon and propolis

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Series "My Health" For a long time, healers all over the world have been looking for the "key composition" of natural components to influence the body as a whole. Homeopaths have carried out special research in the field of complex healing, rejuvenation and prolongation of life. This series of candies includes well-known ingredients that are familiar to us for their miraculous properties of influence on our health. Buying high-quality date candies in bulk from the Finik Eco company, you can be sure in improving the health of regular customers. This means that customers will come to your store constantly, throughout their long life. By ordering natural sweets from Finik Eco, you get a reliable and grateful partner, and also make the world a little better. Date lozenges with propolis and lemon for the prevention of colds, acute respiratory infections and influenza virus. General composition: Date syrup – a storehouse of vitamins, contains fluoride, oxytocin, squalene. Cedarwood is a powerful antiseptic with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Cedar nut oil, creating – normal microflora on the mucous membrane. Propolis is a substance that suppresses activity, and also kills a huge range of various microorganisms: viruses, tubercle bacillus, Trichomonas, candidiasis, fungi, hepatitis and influenza viruses. Ingredients: date syrup, starch syrup, cedar resin in cedar oil , vitamin C (ascorbic acid), propolis extract, lemon oil, sugar, citric acid. Energy value per 100 g of product: 390 Kcal / 1630 KJ Nutritional value per 100 g of product: carbohydrates 97.0 g. Net weight: 10 lozenges, 3 each , 2 g.

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