Date candies with mummy

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Date candies contain natural natural ingredients: date syrup, cedar resin, cedar oil, plant extracts, propolis, black cumin, etc., which have been used by various peoples for more than 5000 years to improve well-being, prevent colds and more. a person will consume sweets, then he will be able to avoid certain diseases, and if abused, it will harm his body. For a long time, healers around the world have been looking for a "key composition" of natural components to influence the body as a whole. Homeopaths have carried out special studies in the field of complex healing, rejuvenation and prolongation of life. This type of lozenges on date syrup (honey) contains: Date syrup – a storehouse of vitamins, contains fluoride, oxytocin, squalene. Cedar tree – a powerful antiseptic with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. . Cedar nut oil – softens the throat, creating a normal microflora on the mucous membrane. Mumiyo – "the power of the mountains" – can significantly improve the human condition. Normalizes appetite and sleep, helps with fractures. Improvements have been noticed in the treatment of allergies. Ingredients: date syrup, starch syrup, cedar resin in cedar oil, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), mumiyo extract, sugar, citric acid. Energy value per 100 g of product: 390 Kcal / 1630 KJ Nutritional value in 100 g of product: carbohydrates 97.0 g Net weight: 10 lozenges, 3.2 g each.

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