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Preparations of the EKOKLADIN series are a mixture of tolerant microorganisms and cultures of associative fungi adapted for wide use in various soil and climatic zones of an organic carrier capable of maintaining productive health for a long time, the ability to rapidly multiply cellulosolytic properties. The fundamental difference of the preparation is the way microorganisms penetrate into the soil or soil. Fungi and bacteria get into different conditions with their shelter and stocks of products and can in the shortest time produce a large number of beneficial microorganisms that can fight pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria and fungi (fusarium, rust, root rot, etc.). Since microorganisms are protected by the organic base of the drug, the drug can be used both at a favorable time for working with biological products, and at other times, convenient for agricultural work. The drug can be applied by surface spraying, mixed with a variety of granular fertilizers, cereals, legumes, oilseeds, technical, vegetable crops during sowing or feeding. When planting root crops and onion crops, as well as during transplantation, treatment with "Ecocladin" promotes the rapid formation of a favorable environment in various substrates in the root space. straw bales, coconut, bamboo and other organic and inorganic substrates). The cellulosolytic properties of the preparation "Ecocladin" are due to the unique selection of symbiotic mushrooms that have a powerful potential for decomposition of crop residues embedded in the soil and stubble. In addition to breaking down organic residues, inhabited fungi heal the soil and create conditions for the restoration of agrobiocenosis (reproduction of earthworms, insects, etc.) and natural soil fertility. , vegetable, technical, etc.) and their assimilation of nutrients introduced by man and the involvement of plant absorption of substances from the decomposition of crop residues and green manure. Application of a dry preparation is possible with incorporation into the soil or without it. After application, add plenty of water. the bacterium wakes up only in a humid environment. The application rate of the drug is 0.1 kg. for 1 sq. 200 ml can be dissolved. dry matter in 10 liters. preferably non-chlorinated warm water, let it brew for 30-40 minutes. and process the root zone of plants. Watering is desirable in the evening, because bacteria do not like direct exposure to sunlight. "Ecocladin" Made from animal and bird waste (manure or poultry droppings) using a complex of microorganisms and is used for pre-sowing treatment of seeds, seedlings, root dressing as the main organic fertilizer of agricultural and indoor plants, gardening, as well as improving soil fertility. Ichemotroph autotrophs. The producer Azotobacter chroococcum belongs to the genus-aerobic free-living soil bacteria that fix nitrogen in the air and use it as a product of their vital activity. When they decompose in the soil, nutrients available to plants are formed. Depending on the soil and climatic conditions, the volume of nitrogen fixation can reach up to 45 kg and more per hectare. The development of bacteria A. Chroococcum in soil occurs in the range from + 5C to 45C, however, the optimal temperature of nitrogen fixation is in the range of 20C – 40C. In soil bacteria are able to use carbon compounds as a source of energy: mono- and disaccharides, which it oxidizes to carbon dioxide, as well as alcohols, salts of organic and even aromatic acids. is effective for all types of plants. When caring for tea plantations, agronomic techniques are used – this is pruning and rejuvenation of the bushes. The sawn top and trunk parts cover the near-stem part of the bush with a mulch layer, which is favorable conditions for the development of actinomycetes. Actinomycetes accelerate the processing of plant residues (fiber lignin and cutin), converting them into carbon, vitamins, growth stimulants, and also create an aerobic layer that retains moisture well in the soil. Ekocladina bacteria effectively develop in moist soils with the reaction of soil solution pH 4, 8-8, 0

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