NANO-FIX MEDIC anti-mold agent

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NANO-FIX ™ MEDIC is a ready-to-use aqueous solution of the latest generation of antiseptic preparations, which, without being dangerous for people and the environment, are an effective means of suppressing harmful microflora, allow you to quickly and effectively get rid of mold, is active against bacteria and infectious agents .NANO-FIX ™ MEDIC contains polymers with a particle size of 10-50 nanometers, thanks to which the antiseptic remains in the treated surfaces for many years, without being exposed to weathering and washing away. NANO-FIX ™ MEDIC does not contain chlorine and does not have a pronounced odor. NANO-FIX ™ MEDIC can be used as an independent means of fighting mold fungi and as an additive to other materials (primers, plasters, putties, tile and wallpaper adhesives, tile grout, etc.) to prevent the appearance and development of mold. NANO-FIX ™ MEDIC is convenient in application and does not require special skills. Those. specifications For technical data, please visit our website:

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