Novattro polycarbonate thermal washers

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The NOVATTRO polycarbonate thermal washer allows to take into account the thermal expansion of polycarbonate sheets when it is necessary to fasten the sheet to the structure using self-tapping screws. Without taking into account thermal expansion with a temperature difference, expansion of the sheet (change in geometric dimensions) can lead to the destruction of the attachment point. Ask the dealers in your city for the exact prices of a specific product. Bulk packaging: 1 box = 10 packages of thermal washers (50 pcs.) = 500 More information on: Dealers' addresses in your city: Manufacturer's contact: SafPlast LLC, Russia, Tatarstan, Vysokogorsky district, highway M-7, 806 km. (2 km south of the village of Makarovka), tel. (843) 233-05-33, e-mail: [email protected]

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Product value

0,01 м3

Product length

495 мм

Product width

195 мм

Product height

150 мм


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