pH meter portable millivoltmeter pH-410

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The pH meter is designed to measure the activity of hydrogen ions (pH), redox potential (Eh) and temperature in solutions, drinking water, food products and raw materials, environmental objects and industrial control systems of technological processes. The pH meter can be used in production (including the meat and dairy and bakery industries), clinical diagnostic, forensic, research laboratories; stationary and mobile, including field. Advantages of the pH-meter pH-410 Large and contrast liquid crystal indicator. Convenient functional keyboard. Automatic temperature compensation, simplified input of coordinates of the isopotential point. Power supply from the electrical network 220 V or the built-in battery with automatic recharging. Convenient and fast pH meter calibration: the pH values of standard buffer solutions have already been entered into the device's memory, at the end of the calibration process, the indicator shows the value of the electrode's hydrogen slope. The compliance of this value with the passport data of the electrode indicates its operability and the correctness of the calibration. Compatibility of the pH meter with electrodes of most domestic and foreign manufacturers (BNC connector), including combined. -electrodeStandard-titersAdditionally supplied: pH-electrodes for various purposesMagnetic stirrerLaboratory stand Tech. specifications pH measurement range, unit pH from 0 to 14 Resolution of pH measurement, units pH 0.01 EMF measurement range, mV from -1999 to + 1999 EMF measurement resolution, mV: in the range from 0 to ± 999.9 – 0.1 in the range from ± 1000 to ± 1999 – 1 Temperature measurement range, ° C from -10 to 100 Temperature measurement resolution, ° C 0.1 Permissible basic absolute error: pH measurement, units. pH – 0.05 EMF measurements, mV – 1 Temperature measurements, ° C – 2 Mass, g 320 Dimensions, mm 240х100х51

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