Plow "Rusic" PNUU 6×35 (+1)

Price from: $ 3741

Six-hull mounted plow for moldboard processing of various types of soils to a depth of 12-30 cm, working width 2.1 m. Due to the possibility of mounting an additional section with a working body (seven-hull), the working width increases to 2.4 m. Productivity 1.8- 2.3 hectares / hour. Equipped with semi-screw blades made of high-strength steel of its own production. Advantages: frame made of high-strength steel, working bodies with heat treatment of our own production. Those. specifications It is aggregated with self-propelled vehicles of 4 traction class with a power of 240 hp.

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Product value

49,50 м3

Product length

5970 мм

Product width

3200 мм

Product height

1510 мм

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