Precision laser marking marker MiniMarker 2-C25

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A compact laser machine performs special processing on the surface of all types of alloys, including precious metals (gold, platinum, titanium, etc.) without harm to the integrity of the surface of this material. MiniMarker laser machines are highly reliable (they have been operating in production for more than 12 years), have low power consumption, no need for consumables, provides high quality images, has the ability to color laser engraving of metals, has an extended warranty of 3 years. The customer's personnel undergo free short-term training.The MiniMarker 2-C25 laser machine is recommended for special marking, including marking of medical devices, aircraft engine parts (turbine blades, pipelines, etc.), end surfaces of precision bearings. Those. specifications laser emitter: Laser type: ytterbium cw fiber Laser resource: more than 100,000 hours Average laser output power: 25 W Laser wavelength: 1.064 μm Cooling: autonomous air software package: Type of output images: outline and raster, text and graphic, barcode

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Product value

0,15 м3

Product length

500 мм

Product width

375 мм

Product height

800 мм


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