Prefabricated Goat / Rabbit Sandwich Panel Farm

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ATTENTION! Any individual buildings from lightweight light metal structures to anywhere in Russia and the CIS from one plant, taking into account local building codes! PK Vesta is a small innovative European-style production facility that designs, manufactures and builds individual complete buildings from sandwich panels anywhere in the world! All clients are served on the basis of the revolutionary online platform WebSteel, available free of charge in the world 24/7. What is included in the building package: FREE PROJECTS: KM (metal structures), AR (architectural solutions) and KZh (reinforced concrete structures – foundation. We do only if geology) Are given in PDF format (electronic version) and 3 copies (paper version signed and stamped by the GUI) Also included are wiring diagrams of the frame with nodes and enclosing structures. Any other sections – on request Double-pitched type of roof, one span (without internal bearing columns, 100% free planning) Lightweight bearing structures, consisting of about 80% of galvanized cold-formed profiles (С350 steel, I class of zinc coating, 275g / sq.m .), including columns, trusses, purlins, connectors and column bases (C245) with diagonal braces and struts. This is excellent corrosion resistance for many years! Fencing structures: ROOF – sandwich panels (60mm sandwich panels, density 100 kg / m3, sheet thickness 0.5mm) and WALL (50mm sandwich panels, density 100 kg / m3, sheet thickness 0.5mm) All shaped and fasteners are included in the building package. Includes 2 empty gates 4.2×4.5 and one tape window opening (double-glazed windows, gates and doors are not supplied) and two large 4.8×4.8 On request – it is possible to create any other openings. PRICE = free. Colors: ROOF – Gray (RAL 7004), WALLS – light gray (RAl 9002), SHAPED ELEMENTS – Blue (RAL 5005) All free basic colors according to the RAL catalog: White (9003), Gray (7004), Blue (5005), White-Aluminum (9006), Beige (1014), Yellow (1018), Green (6002), Light Gray (9002), Brown (8017) PRICE = Free ONE YEAR WARRANTY (12 months) IMPORTANT ! The kit does not include: crane runways for crane girders, floor pouring, design and installation of engineering networks, foundation and installation work, crane rental, installation of gates, doors and windows. The following loads are taken into account: III snow (snow load – 150 kg / sq. m.) III wind (wind load – 52 kg / sq. m.) 6 points (seismic) Technological load – up to 20 kg / sq. m. IMPORTANT! Prices for buildings are approximate, excluding VAT and are subject to factory stock availability, material prices and funding points at a particular point in the season. Those. specifications The panels are fixed to the ADDITIONAL FRAME (purlins) with self-drilling galvanized self-tapping screws. Installation of panels is carried out horizontally from the basement to the eaves by inserting the panels into one another (into grooves). All sandwich panels have an attractive appearance and provide a high degree of thermal insulation of the building. The thermal conductivity coefficient of the wall sandwich panel (100mm from mineral wool) is 0.47 KW / sq.m. (or the equivalent of 640mm brickwork). The structural sandwich panel consists of profiled metal plates and heat-insulating filler, joined by means of glue. The lining of the sandwich panel is made of galvanized coiled steel (I class of galvanized steel – 275 g / sq.m. And 0.5 mm thick). pallets, 3) free loading on vehicles, 4) complete with sealant Lenta S-LB. The panel with a thickness of 40-250mm with a mineral wool filler has a fire safety certificate, a sanitary-epidemiological conclusion and a certificate of conformity. All panels with Z-Lock.

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7 200 м3

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100 м

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18 м

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4 м

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