R-COMPOSIT RADON anti-radon protection

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R-COMPOSIT ™ RADON materials look like paints, they are applied to surfaces with a brush, spatula or roller, and the use of a high-pressure airless spray gun (advisable for large areas) increases work productivity tenfold. R-COMPOSIT ™ RADON materials are also convenient for use on surfaces complex geometric shapes and / or with a variety of utilities (pipelines, electrical wiring, etc.). R-COMPOSIT ™ RADON materials are distinguished by excellent adhesion (the basis for application can be a concrete screed, foundation blocks and floor slabs, any plaster, brick, ceramic tiles, gypsum, gypsum plasterboard, fiberboard, chipboard, wood, etc.). R-COMPOSIT ™ RADON materials do not support combustion and are applied without the use of open flame and organic solvents, therefore they can also be used on fire hazardous facilities. After drying, R- COMPOSIT ™ RADON forms a continuous, seamless, glossy finish that is waterproof and resistant to external influences. COMPOSIT ™ RADON have unique elasticity and strength (the elongation of the finished coating to break is 500%. This means that the R-COMPOSIT ™ RADON coating will stretch 5 (!) Times before tearing. R-COMPOSIT ™ RADON coatings are resistant to moisture, UV radiation and temperature extremes, do not change their properties in the temperature range from -30C up to + 100C, they are characterized by low thermal conductivity, high resistance to many chemical and biochemical environments, have guaranteed wear resistance, reliability and high (more than 15 years) durability. R-COMPOSIT ™ RADON are finishing materials and after their application, additional lining is not required. R-COMPOSIT ™ RADON is produced in 2 modifications, which differ in composition and color: R-COMPOSIT ™ RADON – 1 – white and easy to tint. R-COMPOSIT ™ RADON – 2 – gray, therefore it can only be tinted in dark colors. In terms of functionality and application features, modifications R-COMPOSIT ™ RADON – 1 and R-COMPOSIT ™ RADON – 2 are identical. Those. specifications Technical data can be found on our website: http://www.inn-t.com/tekhnicheskie-dannye-r-composit-radon

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