Set of decking for the construction of level crossings.

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Railroad crossing is a place of direct intersection of railway rails and a road or any other road. To ensure a single-level, safe and comfortable crossing of roads at a railway crossing, rubber floorings are used. Railway floorings have the following properties: they are excellent in repelling water, increase the coefficient of adhesion of the wheels of transport with a railway crossing, are resistant to freezing; they take shock loads well, dampen vibration (partially) ; fit tightly to the railway tracks, preventing the ingress of dirt on the rails. Rubber decks are designed for operation in various climatic conditions. Rubber coatings for level crossings are made with the expectation of long-term operation under severe loads and loads in the temperature range from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C. The permissible load from a car wheel is up to 4.5 tons. The service life of railway flooring is about 25 years. The railway flooring, consisting of monolithic rubber-cord-based plates, fixed to each other in a closed loop, is a rubber-cord flooring. The width of the rubber-cord flooring is a multiple of 545 mm. Level crossing slabs are suitable for the R-65 rail, the pitch of wooden or reinforced concrete sleepers is 545 mm. Slabs for rubber-cord decking are manufactured in accordance with TU 32TsP828-97. There is no ice crust on the plates, the rubber plate reduces shock loading, dampens vibrations. This rubber-cord flooring for railway crossings is an excellent combination of simple design, affordable price and long-term operation. Those. specifications Set of railroad decks with fastening KB 6.5 m wide (10 pieces included) Completeness of one decking: Internal plate OP 467.001 – 12 pcs. External plate OP 467.002 – 24 pcs. Internal insert 202.01-VN-SKI-01-04 – 24 pcs. External insert 202.01-VN-SKI-01-08 – 24 pcs. Fasteners – 1 set

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