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These connectors with local protection of contacts designed for use in DC, AC(frequency up to 3MHz) at voltage to 700V(as peak).Plugs(sockets) equipment and cable mounted are manufactured in shielded(SNTs 146Э) and unshielded version(SNTs 146).Equipment mounted connectors can be manufactured with the contacts for printed circuit board.Equipment and cable mounted parts of the connector is manufactured w/o backshell,with straight (closed,opened) and angled backshell.Body parts are manufactured from stainless steel with current conductive coating .Threaded connection with self locking device with visual indication of coupling ending. Contact plating: goldThe contcts are removables assigned for crimping for three dimensional(point-to-point) wiring and for solding mount for printed-circuit wiring, in hermetic plug the contacts assigned for solding.Plugs,sockets of SNTs 146 and SNTs 146G type are mated with the connectors of 983Series under MIL-C-83723 and SNTs 147 manufactured in compliance with TsSNK 430421.011TU.These connectors w/o backshell or with backshell(metallic or plastic) with conductive or nonconductive coating.These connectors are intended for internal wiring and are modified for operation in all climatic areas in compliance with Technical Specifications NKTsS.434410.505TU. Тех. спецификации Technical specificationsTotal number of contacts: 12, 14, 31, 41, 61Operational current per contact from, A: 1, 5Operational current per contact to, A: 2, 5Peak operating voltage,V: 700Plug(male) or socket(female): Plug(male) ,socket(female)Equipment(fixed) or cable mounted(free): Equipment mounted, cable mountedСonnector rear design: W/o junction pipeHermetic or nonhermetic: HermeticShielded or unshielded: ShieldedType of mating: Thereaded connectionNumber of mating: 1000Operating ambient temperature from, °C: -60Operating ambient temperature to, °C: 155Method of wiring: Three-dimensional(point-to-point), solder mount, by crimping(the contacts)Wiring: InternalHermetic, air leakage allowed or not allowed: Not allowed

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