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Wheat is an elastic and flexible stem, strong and rush. When threshed, the flower from the films is quickly separated from the grains. Written is characterized by a brittle and brittle straw, the structure is dense: when the film threshes it is almost an integral part of the seed. Wheat grade 3 is given a gluten content above 23%, used for the production of high grade flour. Grade 4 wheat is a weak cereal in the field of chemistry and properties of bakery products. Flour from such grain necessarily requires the addition of safe varieties. Wheat of the 5th class of grains, intended for purposes not related to food: feed for livestock, feed production or for processing glucose, etc. Tech. specifications Percentage of mass, protein – 12 – 13.0% Percentage of mass of gluten 26-27.0% Nature 760-770 g / l Proportion of másica moisture – 12 -14% Overgrown impurity – 1.2% Grain mixture – 3.8%

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