X-ray protective plates

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PPS-73B is a material based on composite plastic and barite concentrate as filler. The X-ray shielding boards are mounted on a standard plasterboard frame. The use of PPS-73B dramatically reduces the time of work on equipment for protecting X-ray rooms and eliminates dust, dirt and additional measurements of the lead equivalent, which are provided when using barite plaster for these purposes. This is especially important when reconstructing X-ray rooms in an existing medical institution. Those. specifications Slabs PPS-73B have a barite concentrate of 74 ± 1.5%. The lead equivalent, depending on the thickness of the sheet, is: 8 mm – 0.910 mm – 1.212 mm – 1.6 The main dimensions of the slabs are 700 x 500 mm; 1000 x 500 mm. Thickness: 8 , 10, 12 mm.

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