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Geography of suppliers and buyers

Today the platform was visited by buyers and sellers from 486 cities 24 countries

Today 25 may 2018 59,383 goods of total value of 25,018,492.84 USD are published by the sellers

Export news

The export supplies of corn are approaching record figures >>>

The export of A.I.C. products to the Persian Gulf countries and the countries of Northern Africa is growing >>>

The latest Russian helicopter has incredible export opportunities >>>

The export of sawn timber continues to grow >>>

Russia could soon start making deliveries of furniture to countries in the Middle East >>>

The export of the chemical industry products is showing record results >>>

Iranian Airline Companies Intend to Purchase Large Batches of SSJ100R >>>

Sales of Agricultural Produce to Non-CIS Countries Increase by Almost a Quarter >>>

Export of Russian Sunflower Seed Oil Hits All-Time High >>>

Russian Lighting Equipment Has Great Export Potential >>>