Stone crusher

Dear Sirs!

We would like to receive your best quotation for stone crushers for export to Kenya, according to the following specifications:

leasing / purchase

Hopper volume 3.6 m³
Inlet 900X600 mm
Entry height 3.2 m
Hopper length 4.0 m
Main belt width 800 mm
Magnetic belt width 750 mm
CAT 4.4-T4F motor, 129kW

Full set of crushing equipment:
Crawler excavator 2 pcs
Demolition hammer 1 pc
Loader 2 pcs
Dump truck 3 pcs
Rock driller 1 pc
Drilling machine 1 pcs
Generator 1000 kVA 1 pc
Welding machines 2 pcs
Compressor 2 pcs
Workshop buildings with accessories 1 pc
Office building 1 pc
Lift bridge Not less than 75 tons 1 piece
Canteen building 1 piece

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