Engineering services for the launch of a poultry farm

Dear Sirs! in partnership with a company from Nigeria is launching a project to create an integrated poultry farm and processing complex.

Our Nigerian client purchased 80 hectares of land in the Akpabuyo area of ​​Cross River State. It is also planned to purchase an additional 192.5 hectares. The main goal is to create an enterprise for poultry farming and poultry processing in the state of Cross River.

Currently, we have the following vacancies:
1) Chief Technologist of Poultry Meat Processing
2) Engineer for the implementation and commissioning of equipment for a poultry complex

Purpose of production
A) The main purpose of production is to build a processing / cutting shop for processing about 300,000 birds per month with a carcass weight of 1.6 up to 1.8 kg.
B) The secondary goal in poultry farming is to ensure egg production. Initial productivity 3,000,000 eggs / month

Project scope:
1. Review the meat processing business plan and align it with international best practice.
2. Design the primary poultry farm (including the layout of our livestock farms) and the slaughterhouse / processing line. Including the provision of technical support both in the process of tendering for equipment and in the process of selecting suppliers.
3. Development of standard operating procedures
4. Formation of parent stock.
5. Providing technical support in recruiting personnel and training farmers.
6. Conclusion of a 24-month technical management agreement to ensure stable farm operation.

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