Desulfurization catalyst

Dear Sirs!

We would like to receive your best commercial proposals for the desulfurization catalyst, in accordance with the following specifications:

Appearance – solution from dark blue to blue-green color.
The rate constant of the oxidation reaction of sodium mercaptide (K * 10 4), s-1, not less than 20
Mass fraction of cobalt phthalocyanine sulfonic acids,%, not less than 40
Mass fraction of insoluble impurities,%, not more than 2.0
Mass fraction of dry matter,%, from 18 to 30
Ignition temperature 410 degrees C
Smoldering temperature -470 degrees C
Self-ignition temperature – 605 degrees C
Container: Polymer cans-cans with a screw cap with a volume of 5.5 kg.
Mass fraction of organic chlorides – no more than 6 millionˉˡ (ppm) – 2609.5 kg .

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