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Sorbent for the removal of oil products SORBITEX

Highly efficient sorbent for the removal of SORBITEX oil products. An environmentally friendly solution for spills of petroleum products: gasoline, oil, oils and other types from hard surfaces. Laureate of the 100 best goods of Russia award. Those. specifications Mineral sorbent of petroleum products, multiple use is possible, fraction 0.0-1.0 mm.

Vacuum Forming Machine

Name of indicators 1. Productivity, pcs / h, depending on the type of sheet 2. Molding area, m ² 6.03. Dimensions of the formed sheet, mm. 3000х2000 4. Thickness of the formed sheet, mm 0.3 – 12.05. Heater power, kW-maximum 231-in operating mode 150-2006. Nominal pressure in the pneumatic system, MPa 0.6 ± 0.37. Supply voltage, V 3808. Current frequency, Hz 509. The number of heating control zones is 17410. Overall dimensions, (LxWxH) mm4800x4000x3000 Tech. specifications Machine dimensions in plan: ● length (depth): 5300 mm, ● width: 4400 mm, ● height: 3920 mm.1.2. The size of the blanks to be formed: ● 3000 x2000 mm1.3. Drawing depth (maximum): 700 mm 1.4. Effective forming area: ● min: as agreed with the customer ● max: 2950 x 1950 mm

Drilling rig Amurets-100

The Amurets-100 drilling rig is designed for drilling vertically directed wells with a diameter of up to 168 mm and a depth of up to 100 m. The climatic factors of the operating conditions limit the operation of the Amurets-100 machine to an air temperature of 40 C to -40 C and a relative humidity of 90% at a temperature of 25 C. Those. Specifications Basic: Drilling depth with casing 50 m without casing (in bedrock) 100 m Drilling diameter 6 "(168 mm.), 8" (219 mm.) minAdjustment of the drilling tool strokeSwitching of fingers on the cranksHeight from the wellhead to the axis of the head unit10.85 mHeight from the wellhead to the axis of the thief roller8.05 mMovement method non-self-propelled, on sledgesInstrument winch: Lifting capacity2000 kgDrum capacity120 mSpeed / rope coiling0.5 : Lifting capacity 500 kg Drum capacity 120 m Rope winding speed 1.5 m / s Rope diameter 11 mm Engine: Type Power Starting Machine dimensions in working position: Height 11.42 m Length 7.60 m Width 2.36 m Machine dimensions in transport position: Height 3.20 m Length 7.68 m Width 2.36 m Machine weight : With motor 3 680 kg With tool and casing 8 050 kg

Self-propelled drilling rig SBU-100GA-50

The self-propelled drilling rig SBU-100GA-50 is designed for drilling blast holes with a diameter of 110 and 130 mm and a depth of up to 50 m in open pit mining and construction sites with DTH hammers in rocks with a strength factor f = 6 … 20 on the Protodyakonov scale. -100GA-50 is a self-propelled crawler-mounted shunting unit with an individual electric drive for each track. The course is controlled from a portable control panel. A working body is installed on the machine frame, which performs all the work related to the drilling process, rotation of the drill, creating an axial force on the bottom, lowering and lifting the tool from the well. Horizontal alignment is carried out by three hydraulic jacks. An effective dust suppression system eliminates the possibility of environmental pollution. High passability and stability of the drilling rig allows it to be used in hard-to-reach areas of work. Electricity with a voltage of 380V and compressed air with a pressure of 0.5 … 0.6 MPa are used as an electric carrier. Compressed air is transferred to the machine either from a mobile compressor with a capacity of at least 10m3 / min, or from a quarry network. Those. specifications Specifications Unit Measurement Value Borehole nominal mm110-130Depth of drilling of vertical wellsm <50Borehole inclination to verticalgrad0, 15, 30Installed power kW26.5 Travel speed km / h0.8 Overcome lifting degree20Relaying speed of the machine on a rigid hitch with the gearboxes off Wt of the working speed4m / min – 5350 mm Length – 4000 mm Width – 2286 mm In transport position Height – 2220 mm Length – 4160 mm Width – 2286 mm Machine weight ≤ 5.0

Bucket teeth, EKG bucket, rack rack, track links, EKG boom, crown. Spare parts for EKG 5. Spare parts for EKG 8. Spare parts for EKG 10

Mechanical shovel with rack and pinion pressure. Designed for the excavation and loading of minerals and overburden into vehicles in heavy mines. The EKG-5A excavator consists of the following components: a rotary part, which includes a turntable with mechanisms and working equipment located on it; undercarriage, consisting of a lower frame, two track frames with wheels and track chains; The EKG-5A excavator is used for the development and loading of rock mass into vehicles in open pit mines, as well as in the construction of hydraulic, industrial and other structures. Equipped with an independent lower travel drive and other highly efficient units, it is the best choice for any large mining operation, suitable for loading on road and rail transport. The Far North. Design features of the open-pit excavator EKG-5A. The main metal structures – the boom, handle, swing and lower frame are made of alloy rolled products, which ensures their high operational reliability in severe climatic and geological conditions. The bucket and gears are made of high-alloy wear-resistant alloys, which guarantees trouble-free operation at high dynamic loads. The excavator's electric drive is made according to the "generator-motor" system, either controlled by magnetic amplifiers, or with the excitation of electric machines from thyristor converters with digital control. The control system provides the necessary interlocks for the safe operation of the excavator. Planetary swing reducers. The control system of electric drives provides a unit for semi-automatic control of the digging process. Digging automation, in addition to making the operator's work easier, can reduce the specific power consumption. The driver's cab is designed with ergonomics in mind. Its walls with heat and sound insulation are trimmed inside with decorative plastic. The chair with vibration isolation can be installed in any position convenient for the driver. Safety glass in the cab with sun filter provides good visibility during operation. The comfort is complemented by a fan and electric stoves. In stock and on order, spare parts and components for EKG mining excavators: bucket teeth, EKG bucket, rack rack, track links, EKG boom, crown. Spare parts for EKG 5. Spare parts for EKG 8. Spare parts for EKG 10 Tech. specifications Indicator name Indicator Main bucket capacity, m 35.2 Replaceable bucket capacity, m 33.2-7.0 Digging radius, largest, m 14.5 Digging height, m 10.3 Maximum dumping radius, m 12.65 Maximum dumping height, m 6.7 Digging radius at standing level, m 9 , 04 Tail radius, m 5.25 Track width, m 5.25 / 5.45 Effort on the bucket block, tf 50 Average ground pressure during movement, kgf / cm22.1 / 1.72 Travel speed, km / h 0.53 Power of the network motor, kW 250 Estimated cycle duration, s 23 Working weight, t 196

Rotary plastic grinder IPR-300
Rotary plastic grinder IPR-300