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Business and Project Loans/Financing Available

Are you tired seeking a Startup Loan to finance your Business, Project? Or even to expand your business? Do you need money for inventory, cash flow, expansion or advertising? Do you want to start a business and have no or low capital? Do you need refinancing? Want to avoid a lengthy loan process with hidden fees and no guarantee of approval? we are offering all types of loan from Personal loans, debt consolidation loans, business loans, real estate loans, Energy, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Emerging markets, Aviation, High-technology, communications, software working capital to small and large-scale businesses, etc. with an unbeatable unique interest rate of 3%., friendly, and processes are very swift and time sensitive! *We are open to all. If interested, kindly Reply to us via email at, Terms and Conditions apply

Analysis of the export market of goods

The analysis of the export market of goods is carried out on the basis of the current data of customs statistics. The structure of the report on the analysis of export sales: – Analytical information on the state of the foreign trade market (its volumes, the main participating companies and their shares). – The list of Russian exporters (volumes, market shares); – List of manufacturing companies (volumes, market shares); – List of Russian regions – suppliers (volumes, market shares); – List of foreign companies – buyers (volumes, market shares); – Analytical table of buyers' preferences (manufacturer, exporter, recipient goods, address, country, description of goods, TN VED code, contract price, volume, delivery date, currency, etc.); – Dynamics of deliveries in monetary terms (USD); – Dynamics of deliveries in kind; – Decoding of delivery terms Incoterms. —– Analysis of the export market helps companies: – To identify the most demanded assortment by article / model; – To determine the market size and shares of the main participants with an accuracy 1 $ according to the description of the goods / HS code; – Calculate the best partner and the optimal price from the total volume of goods supplies; – Monitor the actions of each competitor on the market .—– The price for research is set depending on the number of supplies in the commodity market. To clarify the cost of analyzing the export market for your goods, contact the manager.

Translation of product cards in the online store

Written translation of cards for an online store within a few hours. Translation with API integration.

Selection of a translator for the staff of your company

Recruitment services. We will test, prepare and hire a translator of any language for the staff of your company in any city of the Russian Federation.

Interpreter in any city of the PRC

Interpreter for negotiations, exhibitions, visits to production, meeting at the airport in any city in the PRC.

Translation into Chinese by a native speaker

Large team of native Chinese speakers. Translation into Chinese by a native speaker – any subject, legal, technical, medical translation into native Chinese, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation in pairs Russian-Chinese, Chinese-English, Russian-English, Russian – German, Russian – French and others on a turnkey basis. Any subject, urgent selection of translators.

Translation by phone, skype, conference calls

The translator connects by phone and translates from anywhere in the world. Ordering from 30 minutes – saves time and money! Translation into any languages. Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Interpretation for negotiations and meetings

Interpretation into any languages of Asia and Europe, translation of IT, advertising, political, economic, technical, financial topics. Russian and foreign native speakers with experience in your industry.

Written translation from into all languages of the world

Written translation of any kind of documentation into all languages of Asia and Europe, around the clock and seven days a week.

Assistance in organizing trips to exhibitions / conferences / business trips

Accompanying a qualified translator, guide, shopping assistant and stand assistant; selection of promo-personnel.

Preparation and translation of documentation required for foreign economic activity

Translation of certificates and licenses, patents, technical documentation, draft agreements and minutes of meetings, translation of financial and customs documents.

Translation of a website / landing page / online store into a foreign language

Translation of a website, business card website, landing page into any foreign language.

Creation of a set of advertising and souvenir products of the company in the required foreign language

Preparation and translation of advertising and souvenir products required for entering foreign markets.

Translation of the name, brand and logo of the company

Translation of the company name, logo and brand for entering foreign markets.

Representative, agent in Russia

If you are interested in constant supplies of products from Russia and regular work with Russian manufacturers, plants, factories, you will need your representative in Russia (agent in Russia) for success. The services of a representative in Russia include: – prompt search of manufacturers – collection of documentation, information, – placing orders on your behalf; – preliminary negotiations with suppliers; – organization of business visits to enterprises; – inspection of goods and carrying out downloads, – preparation of documentation; – visit exhibitions; – creation of a website for your company in Russia; – translation services; – services for the registration of trade marks in Russia. The services of a representative in Russia are provided on the basis of an agency agreement. If you need these services, send us a request to the mail: [email protected]

Oversized cargo transportation services

We have experience, the necessary equipment and a serious approach to each stage and to each client. With the help of our specialists, you always know exactly where your cargo is. We form tariffs based on real goals and objectives, which are agreed in advance with the client. We like our work and we appreciate it when a client comes back to us. Transport oversized transport by the company "UAP" Europe + Asia "has been carried out for more than 11 years. Throughout this period we have established ourselves as an honest and reliable organization. The carrying capacity of transport can reach 200 tons. In addition, vehicles are technically equipped, there are platform extenders , ramps and hydraulic ladders. We carry out packaging of goods for export. for industry, oil and gas industry, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, construction, for the coal mining industry, etc.