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"TERRA 7" is a liquid concentrate of humic and fulvic acids, with chelating properties, macro- microelements. The content of humic acids is not less than 70 g / l. For pre-sowing treatment of seeds, root and foliar feeding of plants at all stages of the growing season. Growth stimulator, bioactivator of soil biota, increases the efficiency of mineral fertilizers, antidote, antistressant, detoxifier of contaminated soils, an agent that increases plant resistance to adverse environmental factors. Consumption from 0.1-0.2 liters per 1 ton / hectare. * * "TERRA" FEED – immunomodulator, growth stimulator, adsorbent. To increase daily weight gain, milk yield, increase the safety of livestock, reduce the feed conversion rate and, in general, increase the productivity of cattle and small ruminants, pigs and poultry. We offer you ANTISTRESSANT "TERRA 7", the effectiveness of which has been repeatedly confirmed empirically. Why you should give preference to "TERRA 7": 1. This is a highly effective safe stimulant for plants that does not change the crop production technology you use, on the contrary, it helps to achieve the desired results, subject to the application regulations, reducing uncontrolled risks, without polluting the soil and the crop itself with harmful chemicals substances. 2. LOW COST OF PROCESSING! NEEDED ONLY 100 liters per 1000 ha. Increases resistance to various diseases, the ability to better assimilate fertilizers. 4. The immunity of the plant is increased. Reduces the toxic effect on the plant when applied. 5. "TERRA 7" promotes more abundant flowering, shorter ripening times, as well as an increase in green mass. 6. Contributes to the improvement of soil fertility. 7.Improves the structure of the soil, activates beneficial microflora, and also binds and removes radionuclides, heavy metals and other soil pollutants.This is exactly the biostimulant that ideally fits the concept of organic farming, helping to grow and get an environmentally friendly crop and achieve high economic efficiency at the same time. One of the most valuable properties of "TERRA 7" is its ability to transform soil nutrients from useless and difficult to access plants easily absorbed by the root system. "TERRA 7" – contains salts of humic and fulvic acids, a universally balanced complex of minerals, micro- and macronutrients, namely total nitrogen; total phosphorus, total potassium, – copper; – manganese; – zinc; – iron; – common boron; – total cobalt; – total manganese; – total molybdenum, amino acids. We guarantee you the expected result, or we will return the money spent on the purchase. Leonardites are prehistoric organic sediments, more than 70 million years old, characterized by a high content of humic acids. The process of formation of leonardite is not complicated, but very long: plants in the process of life took carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and used solar energy to form biomass. From dead plants, the carbon contained in their bodies returned to the natural environment. During millions of years of this cycle, organic matter accumulated in large quantities and compressed under pressure, forming deposits in the earth's crust in the form of layers. Leonardite is organic deposits that have not yet turned into coal and differ from it in a higher oxidation state, high moisture content and organic matter, and therefore of no value as a fuel.

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