Bio-gel for washing colored fabrics 1 liter

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APICO bio-gel for colored and white fabrics, designed for washing colored and white fabrics, perfectly removes dirt, retains the brightness of fabric colors and prevents color mixing. It also partially restores the saturation of the shades of faded clothing. When washing white linen, bio-gel maintains its original whiteness, removes a grayish or yellowish tinge from the fabric that appears during wear. Laundry washed with bio-gel gets a light pleasant aroma, becomes fresh, soft and easy to iron. APICO is made from safe raw materials, does not cause allergies, is suitable for washing children's clothes, it is completely removed from the fabric after the first rinse. The increased package volume of 2 liters increases the efficiency of the product – it is enough for 40 washes. The bottle is equipped with an ergonomic handle, a lid with a dispenser and a measuring cup. This makes the bio-gel very comfortable to use. The bright packaging design makes the product stand out on the store shelves and attracts the attention of customers.

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