Bioelectric power station BGU 5000

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The biogas plant is designed to process 100 tons of organic waste per day, providing biogas output in the amount of 350 m3 per hour. Electricity generation from biogas – 1 MW Heat energy generation from biogas –3.9 Gcal / hour). Those. specifications The organic waste disposal center provides processing of excess activated sludge in the amount of 280 m3 / day (humidity 92-95%), as well as food organic waste, agricultural and crop waste in the amount of 100 tons / day (humidity ~ 70%). includes: 1. A complex of biogas plants BGU – 5000 (4 vertical reactors with a volume of 1250 m3 each), which provides processing of a mixture of organic waste, production of biogas in the amount of 350 m3 / h. 2. A cogeneration station: Generation of electrical energy from biogas – 785 kW. from biogas – 1344 kW (1.2 Gcal / h). 3. Separation unit: Separation of the effluent into solid and liquid fractions, with the return of the liquid fraction back to the fermentation cycle. 4. Station SBTT-1.5: The station is designed for drying the solid fraction effluent 5. Station EK-1.5: The station is designed for combustion of effluent. Electricity generation is 1.5 MW, auxiliary needs will be about 500 kW. Heat generation will be about 3.9 Gcal. The amount of ash, which can be used as fertilizer, at the output will be about 15 tons / day.

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Product value

4000 м3

Product length

40 м

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20 м

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5 м

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БГУ 5000


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