Cell polycarbonate according to GOST (Cell polycarbonate)

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Warranty 14 years (confirmed financial responsibility of the manufacturer according to the Declaration of Quality Assurance). Range: Thickness from 4 to 32mm with multi-layer X-shaped structure. 12 standard colors. Polycarbonate sheets from various manufacturers differ in quality and shelf life, which is a key factor for structural building material. Polycarbonate is exposed to the environment, namely solar radiation, and if the sheets are not protected with a special UV layer of optimal thickness, then after two or three years the material will collapse. Novattro sheets have a guaranteed service life of at least 14 years for the Novattro brand, which is confirmed by the test reports in the aging chamber at GUP NII Mosstroy and ACADEM-SIB LLC. Ask the dealers in your city for the exact prices for a specific product. safplast.ruAddresses of dealers in your city: http://safplast.ru/buy/ Manufacturer's contact: SafPlast LLC, Russia, Tatarstan, Vysokogorsky district, highway M-7, 806 km. (2 km south of the village of Makarovka), tel. (843) 233-05-33, e-mail: [email protected] Tech. Specifications Standard sheet size: 2100 * 6000mm, 2100 * 12000mm Thickness: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm

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Product value

0,05 м3

Product length

6 000 мм

Product width

2 100 мм

Product height

4 мм


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