Dezitall C-01 Long-term antimicrobial surface protection

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The technology is based on the principle of creating a polymer antimicrobial layer with a prolonged effect on the surface. Due to the unique properties of the coating, instant destruction of microorganisms, both already present on the surface, and falling on it during operation after application is guaranteed. The coating "DEZITOL S-01" can be applied using a brush, roller, standard aerosol can or spray gun. During the operation of the Coating, short-term contact with water is allowed. "DESITOL S-01" is used to obtain a prophylactic protective antimicrobial layer of long-term action on various surfaces: – in residential buildings; – in industrial premises (warehouses, offices, etc.); – in medical preventive organizations and institutions of various profiles; – in children's institutions (schools, preschool institutions and others); – for objects of social importance; – for public utilities; – for catering and trade; – for other facilities where antibacterial treatment. One package contains 5 canisters, 1 liter each Tech. specifications An innovative composition, representing a nano-sized active matrix, provides a slow long-term release of active substances that have an antimicrobial effect on treated surfaces for up to 12 months. Wide spectrum of activity • Almost invisible after drying, does not spoil or change the appearance of the treated surface • Possibility of applying to hard-to-reach places • Possibility of wet cleaning

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0,30 м3

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290 см

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150 см

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260 см


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