Diary A5 "Russia Gold-headed" black

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The cover of the diary was made by a master of leatherwork and will serve you for a very long time. Cover material – genuine calfskin, pleasant to the touch. Design: art casting, three-sided gold trim. A5 block is printed on tinted paper with beautiful illustrations of the masterpieces of world architecture, so do not be surprised , when you catch yourself thinking that it's a pity to write on such a block. Start using the diary on the day of purchase! The diary is not dated, so every page will contain your entries. Need to quickly find an important note? No problem! A convenient ribbon-bookmark will help you with this, which will never get lost, because fastened at the top of the binding. The diary has an eyelet to securely attach your pen. A pen can be purchased additionally. A leather strap securely fixes the diary in a closed state, not a single valuable note will fly out or get lost. Even if the entire block is written down, and you don’t want to part with your favorite thing, it doesn’t matter. We buy a regular A5 diary and insert it into a leather cover … that's all! You have your favorite diary again, but with a different block. In addition, a replacement block can be ordered from us. And thanks to the leather braiding around the entire perimeter of the cover, your diary will remain in proper shape for many years. !!! Due to the fact that the product is made by hand from natural materials, the color may slightly differ from that shown in the photo! Features of the block: The block is replaceable, if necessary, you can order it from us, or buy it in a stationery store. Undated diary has several advantages :one. You can start using it on the day of purchase. 2. It lasts for a much longer period. This is due to the fact that you do not have to skip blank pages that fall on vacation, weekends or holidays. Are you looking for a "leather diary A5"? We have the largest selection in Runet! We will deliver free of charge throughout Russia. You just need to call 8 (495) 509 20 32 and place an order! Leather diary А5 is a stylish, modern and unique diary. We are sure that our "leather diary A5" is exactly what you need.

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