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High quality reel for classic spinning with all types of lures. Ideal tackle for wiring, trolling, jigging, trolling, bottom fishing. Allows casting lures weighing from 3-5 grams. (with proper and proper training). Has a patented aerodynamic and drum brake. Allows the use of super-heavy lures for casting. Designed for capturing trophy fish. Has extremely powerful traction. The design has a huge margin of safety. Nelma is resistant to sand, mud, water and requires minimal maintenance. It does not require the use of a special rod. It is possible to use braided cords with a strength of up to 15-20 kg, which significantly reduces the likelihood of breakage and loss of lures. Those. specifications Technical characteristics of the reel "Nelma KP-114-M1" Reel weight: 215 grams (+/- 5 g), Spool diameter: 114 mm, Winding circumference: 31.5 cm, Pulling force: 15 kg Spool on 2 stainless steel bearings functions of the reel "Nelma" Aerodynamic brake (patented), Brake shoe Grant of the manufacturer – 5 years from the date of sale.The following materials were used in the production: – body parts and drum spool – duralumin D16T; – power elements – hardened steel, coating – industrial anodizing; – painting applied of the "Tropic" type, shagreen leather used to cover military equipment and weapons; – temperature operating mode -40 … + 50 (applies to all component parts and elements of the product, including lubricants); – continuous 100% incoming inspection of materials and knots during production; – 100% final inspection of products before shipping to the consumer; – protection from "fool" – non-torn operational nuts; – assembled product is completely protected from impact moisture, rubbing (contacting) parts and elements that are resistant to dust and abrasive substances (sand); – the bearing unit of the product is reliably sealed from external influences during operation (design solution); – handles – glass filled with polyamide aged for shrinkage for three years; – in the design there are no stressed parts and springs, which means that the shelf life is unlimited, with subsequent observance of all the declared performance characteristics; The actual maximum service life has not yet been determined, prototypes continue to be confidently operated for the 14th year, strictly preserving their original technical characteristics. – for all the declared reliability, power and resistance of the product to loads, the spool retains an amazing ease of rotation, the spool starts to rotate from rest under a weight of 30-40 cm of a braided cord of 16 librs or less. this property allows specialists to cast baits weighing 4 grams at a distance of over 20 meters – the stability of the characteristics and options of "NELMA" gives it unrivaled opportunities for easy mastering, see the last video)))) for the first time, the children held an inertia in their hands, and what an inertia – in general spinning was not taken))))

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