High-strength chemical protection S-COMPOSIT

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S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings have the highest adhesion to the treated surfaces, have a long service life (indoors up to 50 years, in an open atmosphere for at least 15 years), do not harm human health even with direct constant contact with drinking water and food. S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings can be used to protect concrete floors, walls, ceilings, metal structures, pipelines, beams, bulkheads on sea and river vessels, the bottoms of vehicles, trains, pipelines. S-COMPOSIT compounds were specially designed for industrial facilities operated in harsh conditions with intense exposure to external factors such as ultraviolet light, temperature drops, high humidity, acid evaporation, etc. The highest abrasion resistance of S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings, flexibility , vibration resistance and high adhesion allows them to be used, among other things, for anticorrosive treatment of objects of transport. Polymerization of S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings occurs when they interact with air moisture or when a special catalyst is added to their composition, which ensures complete drying in the shortest time and a quick set of strength … The filling of the compositions with various target substances gives them additional properties of hydrophobicity, aesthetic appearance, strength, etc. The use of S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings on concrete surfaces not only protects them from external influences, but also improves the properties of the concrete itself, penetrating into their structure. Concrete, the surface of which is impregnated with the S-COMPOSIT composition, becomes hydrophobic, its surface does not become dusty under mechanical action, its strength grade actually increases significantly. Applying the S-COMPOSIT polyurethane composition to metal products significantly increases their service life, since it reduces or even completely eliminates any external influence. The highest adhesion and flexibility of S-COMPOSIT coatings allows them not to peel off from the metal in the event of its thermal expansion and contraction, as well as during bending and vibration of the base. and maximum air dryness during the production process, due to which the finished mixture is a highly stable polymer. Materials and composites of world leaders in the chemical industry are used as raw materials. Summing up the above, we can conclude that the use of S-COMPOSIT polyurethane coatings to protect a wide variety of surfaces allows not only performing high-quality work in the shortest possible time, but also saving money on subsequent repairs. Those. Specifications Information on technical specifications can be found on our website: http://www.inn-t.com/kharakteristiki-s-composit

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