Highly concentrated nano-impregnation NANO-FIX

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NANO-FIX ™ contains in its structure nano-sized (10-50 nanometers) particles of special high-quality polymers and due to this it has excellent properties: – has excellent penetration into porous materials, equalizes the absorbency of porous surfaces; – provides dedusting, increases surface strength and wear resistance concrete, cement, plaster, stone and wood substrates before applying adhesives, paints and other coatings; – increases adhesion between different materials, reduces the absorbency of surfaces and, thus, significantly reduces the consumption of adhesives, paints of other materials during their application; – can be used on open air to strengthen and protect surfaces made of concrete, cement, natural stone and wood from destruction under the influence of UV rays, atmospheric precipitation and temperature extremes; – is a hypoallergenic material, since it does not contain chemical solvents, toxic components or harmful compounds; increases the service life of surfaces; – retains the vapor permeability of surfaces; – compatible with all plasters, putties and paints; – has a weak neutral odor, which quickly evaporates when the impregnation dries. Those. Specifications For technical data please visit our website: http://www.inn-t.com/tekhnicheskie-dannye-nano-fix

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