Knife-type shutter ZN

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Shutter type – pressing action, with a knife shut-off element (shield), moving in a single body perpendicular to the direction of the working medium, with a screw lifting device. Closing and opening of the shutter is carried out manually, by rotating a removable lever, or from an electric drive (if ordered additionally). The shutter is distinguished by increased reliability due to the use of original design solutions and materials with improved operational properties: – the lead screw and the nut of the lifting device are located in a sealed housing, as a result of which they are protected from the influence of the working environment. – the surface of the shield in contact with the sealing element is covered with an anti-friction material, possessing adhesion of the sealing element to the sealing surface, which increases the life of the seal; – the valve is made of stainless steel; – The valve is supplied assembled, ready for concreting in the chamber. Those. specifications 1. Nominal diameter of the gate flow area – from 600 to 3000 mm; 2. The working position of the knife gate of the element (shield) in relation to the direction of flow of the working medium is arbitrary (double-sided action. 3. Maximum pressure of the working medium: – 1 bar (10 m of water column) for a standard size range of valves; – up to 3 bar (30 m water column) by special order 4. Valve service life – 30 years in the absence of special maintenance.

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0,45 м3

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280 мм

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870 мм

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1834 мм