Marble products (Blocks, slabs, slabs, monuments, countertops, stairs, balusters, etc.)

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Region. Mining. The Kibik-Kordonskoye marble deposit is the largest in the region of Russia and the CIS, located in the Republic of Khakassia, 25 km from Sayanogorsk. The license for the mining industry in the quarry belongs to OJSC "MKK-Holding" Balance reserves of marble – 65.6 million. m3, the extraction is carried out by the open method. OJSC "MKK-Holding" mines marble of various shades, the most common of which are cream, pink, gray, white, dark brown. More than 10 shades in total. The physical and mechanical properties of Sayan marble are in many ways different from most competitors, guaranteeing the durability of products made from it. OJSC "MKK-Holding" owns its own mining plant "Sayanmramor", one of the largest in the extraction and manufacture of blocks, slabs, slabs. The plant has existed since 1973, and during its existence has proved to be a reliable supplier of marble products for public and private sectors. Great importance was given to the supply of marble tiles during the construction of the Moscow Metro. The plant produces standard slabs, thickness 20-30 mm, which are widely used in the manufacture of marble products: countertops, window sills, stairs, steps, balusters, architectural and construction parts, etc. volumes, and also accepts individual orders any size for client's projects. It is used in construction, decoration of buildings and structures, in the private sector.

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