Organic fertilizer "Klad"

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LLC "Bailik" has been dealing with the disposal of poultry manure and the sale of fertilizers from it for many years. The product is an environmentally friendly, highly effective fertilizer. Organic fertilizer from poultry manure surpasses all known organic and mineral fertilizers in a number of positions: the effect of prolonged action for 2-3 years; – there is no pathogenic flora and viable seeds; – not toxic, not fire hazardous, not caked; – shelf life is not limited. The fertilizer has almost no specific smell, contains the whole complex of macro – and microelements necessary for full plant growth. At the request of the consumer, you can change the composition of the fertilizer by adding mineral components, thus obtaining an organo-mineral fertilizer. Composition, according to the quality certificate: 3. Mass fraction of organic matter, in terms of carbon,%, not less than 204. Mass fraction of ash,%, no more than 705. Mass fraction (concentration) of macro- and microelements of plant nutrition: nitrogen,%, not less than 0.5 phosphorus,%, not less than 1.0 potassium,%, not less than 1.0 calcium,%, not less than 0.5 magnesium,%, not less 0.2 iron,%, not less than 0.1 zinc, mg / kg, not more than 20-23 copper, mg / kg, not more than 10 manganese, mg / kg, not more than 300-350 sulfur, mg / kg not more than 42 boron, mg / kg , no more than 4.5 cobalt, mg / kg, no more than 4.5 molybdenum, mg / kg, no more than 0.05-0.076. Acidity, pH 5.5-8.57. Sanitary and hygienic indicators: 1TU The presence of viable eggs and helminth larvae; pathogenic bacteria, including salmonella Not allowed 7.2. Index of sanitary indicative microorganisms (BGKP and enterococci), class / g1-97.3. Mass concentration of impurities of toxic elements, mg / kg, not more, including: 1 Below MPC (APC) for soil lead 6.0 arsenic 1 cadmium 0.5 mercury 1 chromium (mobile forms) 6.0 nickel (mobile forms) 2.07.4. Mass concentration of benzo (a) pyrene, mg / kg, less Not detected 7.5. Effective specific activity (Aeff.) Of natural radioactive substances, Bq / kg (SP 2.b. 1.798-99) 7.5.1. Specific activity of technogenic radionuclides, Bq / kg (l), including: – Cesium-137 – Strontium-90 Absence 7.6. Mass concentration of pesticide residues, mg / kg, less than 2 Organophosphorus pesticides, including: Actellic Below the limit of detection Basudin Below the limit of detection Carbophos Below the limit of detection Phosphamide Below the limit of detection Organochlorine pesticides, including: Heptachlor Below the limit of detection for HCHC total quantities) Below the limit of detection Keltan Below the limit of detection HAZARD CLASS (toxicity): IV (low-hazard substances) – GOST 12.1.007-76. SHELF LIFE: Unlimited FIRE AND EXPLOSION-PROOF HYGIENIC CONCLUSION No. dated 11.11.03 issued by the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Russian Federation The fertilizer is used in agriculture.

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