Industrial explosives

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1. Emulast AS-25P is an industrial explosive in a polymer sheath. Designed for the formation of borehole charges on the earth's surface in ores and rocks of any strength, including sulfide-containing ones, with manual loading of dry, drained and watered wells of any degree of water cut in the temperature range from minus 50 degrees Celsius to plus 50 degrees Celsius. 2. T-400G compressed hydro-insulated TNT checkers. They are used as intermediate detonators to initiate borehole and other charges of insensitive industrial explosives in open pit mining, as well as explosives under appropriate conditions in open pit mines. 3. LVV-11-1 charges in the form of ribbons, formed from an elastic composition. They are used for hardening metals by explosion on an open day surface, including for hardening switches, excavator bucket teeth, crushing plates. 4. Blocks (charges) pressed TNT in a polymer case. Designed for industrial blasting operations in dry flooded wells during seismic exploration and outdoor temperatures from minus 50 degrees Celsius to plus 50 degrees Celsius. Those. specifications 1.TU 7276-077-00173769-20102. OST 84-411-803. TU 2292-008-07611703-934. TU 7276-027-07511703-97

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