Reflex sight P1x42

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Features: The body is made of a single piece of metal, only from the bottom it is hermetically and firmly (on 6 screws with a sealant) closed with a lid-fastening – a minimum of mates guarantees accuracy and reliability. Shock tested with 800 g acceleration for 0.2-2 ms without loss of performance. The design of the sight provides for adjustment of the brightness of the aiming mark and switching of three types of aiming marks. Alignment with a silent ratchet, screws with coin slots are flush recessed into the case. Purpose: The open collimator sight is designed for precise aiming of sporting and hunting weapons at various targets, including fast-moving ones. Advantages: The alignment step is 3 cm at a distance of 100 m. The sight is compact, despite the fact that the size of the lens is quite impressive – 39×28 mm. Push-button control, maximally protected from dirt and precipitation. The buttons are hidden under protective rubber covers. The color of the case is completely matte, without glare. The battery cover, with a slot for a coin and a grooved end, is equipped with a rubber O-ring to protect it from dirt and moisture. The sight is mounted on a weapon with a weaver rail. The distance between the fastening screws for the "weaver" rail is 40 mm. Dovetail and vented bar. Those. specifications Technical characteristics Magnification, factor 1 Angle of field of view, degrees unlimited Distance of the exit pupil from the last lens of the eyepiece, mm unlimited Size of the entrance window, mm 34×26 Size of the aiming mark of the "point" type, ang. min. 3.5 Size of the area covered by the "dot" reticle 10 cm per 100 m T-shaped mark, cm per 100 m 150 Click value, cm per 100 m 3 Vertical alignment adjustment range, cm per 100 m less than 270 Horizontal alignment adjustment range, cm per 100 m less than 360 Supply voltage, V 3 Power supply, 1 element CR 2032 Operating time with a "dot" type stamp under normal conditions and average brightness level, h 70 Overall dimensions, mm 82x38x58 Weight, g, no more than 160

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