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Water "Rodnik", treated with an ozonizer with subsequent restoration of the structure of water "Akvadisk", in its structure is close to natural (spring) and can be recommended for everyday use as drinking water and for cooking. So, according to the research results, its activity coefficient was 1.4 / 139.59. Waters that have been processed by the device for transforming the structure of water "Akvadisk" (ie, having an OKA of at least 1.0 / 100.0), when consumed in its raw form, have a positive effect on the human body. Those. specifications Indicators of salt composition: Total mineralization <500 mg / l Hardness <7 ° CALcium <130 mg / l Magnesium <65 mg / l Potassium <20 mg / l Hydrocarbonates <400 mg / l Sulfates <250 mg / l Chlorides <250 mg / l

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