ZPGRI charge – 100.000-02 TU 4316-026-01423814-2009

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On both ends, at a length of 100 ± 8 m, there is an armor made of cotton fabric on a compound. Armor covering made of canvas and PAP glue is allowed. The charges are made by pressing from solid rocket propellants of the RSI brand, which are classified as fire-and-explosive compositions. Operating instructions. Limiting conditions of use: Temperature in the well – no more than 100 0С. Well fluid hydrostatic pressure: max – 80 MPa (815.6 kgf / cm2), min – 0.7 MPa (7.1 kgf / cm2) Well fluids: industrial water, oil, aqueous solutions of surfactants, CaCl2, 14 -24% HCL aqueous solution containing 14-24% HLC and 5-4% HLC. The duration of the impact of well fluids on the charge at a temperature of 500C is not more than 1 hour. The warranty period is 5 years. Packing: in wooden boxes or fiberboard boxes. The weight is determined according to the quantity.

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