Wood products

Dear Sirs!

We would like to receive your best commercial offers for wood products for export to India, in accordance with the following specifications:

Raw materials for disposable cutlery:
– finished birch blanks, processed, flat, cut to the shape of knives, forks, spoons
– thickness of raw materials for disposable cutlery: 1.4 and 1.6 mm < br /> – Finishing (convex shaping) will be done in a factory in India
Hardwood briquettes
Softwood briquettes
Wood pellets:
– Provide a supply of 250 tons per month (each product)
– EN plus A1 certificate

Products from Siberian larch:
– Velvet terrace board (AB)
– Deck board (AB )
– Terrace bar (AB, BC)
– Oblique plank (AB, BC)
– Straight plank (AB, BC)
– Valid dimensions:
2 0х95х4000mm
– The lumber must be planed, transport humidity 16 +/- 2%.
– Volume: 5 cars per month

Wood products (birch, beech):
– Dried (8 +/- 2%) and planed material (birch or beech).
– Size 29x29x810mm (error: thickness + 1mm, length + 5mm).
– Chamfer 45 degrees, 3-4mm.
– No cracks, large knots.
– Different colors, whiteness are allowed (the material will be painted).
– FSC certificate is required.
– Volume to start with 1 car per month.
– Ideally, if the price in stock (FOB) was up to 350 euros per m3.

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