Stretching service

Dear Sirs!

We would like to receive your best commercial proposals for stretching the nameplate for export to Kazakhstan, in accordance with the following specifications:

1.Standard brace designed for fixing wheeled vehicles on railway platforms during transportation.
2.37 pieces
3.Wheel vehicles are fixed on the platforms by a set of braces for the linking devices of the car and the car.
4.Is reusable fastening material.
5.The set is operated in open areas.
6.It must comply with the operating conditions in terms of the impact of climatic factors
the external environment, version “UHL”, category “1” , and storage and transportation conditions of group “C” 2.
7. Overall dimensions not less than 4697 … 4837 × 79 × 63;
8. Climatic operating conditions: – operating temperature range from minus 60 ° From up to +40 ° C; – 9. Relative humidity 100% at +25 ° С;
10. Weight of stretching, kg no more than 9.5
11. All supplied goods subject to mandatory certification must be provided with certificates of conformity (allowed OTTS, TRTS 018/2011) 12.ST RK 3188-2018

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