AGDS system

Dear Sirs!

We would like to receive your best commercial offers on AGDS (MRPS), in accordance with the following specifications:

1 … Pressure reducing and measuring device with mechanical counter (turbine flow meter) and electronic volume corrector. The meter and volume corrector must be protected from direct sunlight and rain by providing a protective shade over the entire measurement area.

2. The MPRS shall consist of a filtration unit, a gas heater (preferably electric), a gas pressure reduction and measurement unit, a pressure control unit, an odorization unit (airtight and flow-rated), a gas engine generator with a noise level of 85 -90 dB (A) or less Relief Valves Include Monitor, Active and Slum Shut Regulators with Bypass Flow, etc.

3. The inlet pressure to the MPRS is 90 bar and the outlet pressure is 7 bar.

4. The medium is natural gas with a relative density of 0.6

5. Working temperature 10 to 45 degrees Celsius

6. Estimated consumption is 4.5 million cubic meters. Feet per day.

7. Built-in units: Electronic Volume Corrector-EVC and Mechanical Meter to be installed in front of the pressure reducing station.

8. Other MPRS specifications:

Flow unit: flow rate must be indicated as standard cubic meters per hour
Piping: specify Material of construction and manufacturer’s warranty
Please include consumables and spare parts for year
Please include the piping diagram and instrumentation in the KP
9. An electronic volume corrector must meet the following basic requirements:

Meter certification: one of the ATEX and / or MID EU directives for meter certification.
Designed for installation in hazardous areas – Zones 0,1 and 2
Complies with EN12405 – UNI-TS-11291 – ARG155 / 08 – ARG / GAS 631/13 – EN 60079-11 – 1994/9 / CE- 2004/108 / CE – 99/05 / CE
Fully customizable
128 x 64 pixel backlit alphanumeric LCD display
IP 65 enclosure protection class.
Operating temperature -25 ° C to + 70 ° C
Multiple types of compressibility methods
Remote firmware update
Transmission protocol: CTR
Optical interface IEC 62056-21
GSM / GPRS modem
3 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs
Up to 2 analog outputs realized via CL1 module (4-20 mA)
The supplied MPRS must be weatherproof inside the cabinet.

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