Automated group metering unit

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Completeness of AGZU:
3.1 Process unit (hereinafter referred to as BT) in explosion-proof design with piping, easily removable roof, separation and measuring tank, measuring instruments, heating system, LED lighting, fire alarm, forced ventilation, and is also equipped with the following measuring instruments:
3.1.1 Straight-tube Coriolis mass flowmeter for liquid with two measuring tubes, with the ability to measure liquid density and concentration.
Transducer, frame size S50
Straight-tube design with two measuring tubes (36.68 mm each);
Measuring tube material: st. steel UNS S31803
Processing of measuring tube: standard
Connection: DN50 PN40, 316 / 316L
Connection form: B1 according to EN1092-1 (standard)
Outer casing: stainless steel 304L < Explosion protection: Ex, marking on converter
Design: compact
Calibration: 3 mass flow points
Cleaning: no
Custody transfer: no
Signal converter
Modular I / O, type: compact mounting
Supply voltage: 12 … 24 V DC
Explosion protection: 2Ex de ia IIC T6 … T1 Gb
Cable entries: 2xM20x1.5, metal + Ex d plug
LCD language: Russian
Custody transfer: no
Process diagnostics: standard
Converter housing: standard
IO base module outputs: RS 485 Modbus
Outputs of 1st IO module: 4-20 mA, active
Outputs of 2nd IO module: pulse, active
Measuring functions: standard + concentration
Interconnect cable: no < Functions:
2 built-in 8-digit counter ICA (for example, to summarize the volumetric or mass flow rate in the desired unit of measure);
Built-in self-diagnosis and functional check: measuring device, measuring process, measured value, stabilization;
LCD display with white backlight. Size: 128 x 64 pixels, dimensions 59 x 31 mm = 2.32 & quot; x 1.22 ” The display rotates in 90 ° steps;
4 optical buttons to control the signal converter without opening the case;
Diagnostics of the primary converter: Primary converter parameters, excitation level, measuring tube frequency, 2-phase signal, impedance of the excitation winding, insulation damage, open circuit, exceeding the maximum flow rate, operating temperature;
Self-diagnosis of the primary converter electronics : Electronics temperature, input signal, power preamplifier;
Converter and I / O signals: Data bus monitoring, current output connections, electronics temperature, voltage drop, parameter and data integrity.
For use in: Kazakhstan
Stainless steel tag plate
• Temperature. meas. environment: – 40 … + 130 ° С
• Temperature. surrounded environments: – 40 … + 65 ° С
• Dust and moisture protection: IP67
• Basic error: 0.15% for liquid; 0.5% for gas
• Intertest. interval: 5 years
State verification – Yes
• Flow rate range: 29 … 1890 m3 / day
• Pressure loss at a flow rate of up to 650 m3 / day: 0.1 kgf / cm2
– The weight of the flow meter is 58 kg;
– Installation length 862 mm;
– Height 480 mm;
3.1.2 Gas flow meter for gas measurement line.
Accuracy: 1%;
Explosion protection: ExdIIC;
Absolute pressure: 2.5 MPa;
Ambient temperature: from minus 40 ° C to plus 250 ° C;
Ambient temperature: from minus 40 ° C to plus 70 ° C;
Nominal diameter: DN 50;
Range of operating costs: Q min 10 Q max 200 m3 / h;
Type of connection: flanged FR1;
Output signals: analog, pulse-frequency, digital HART
Ingress protection: IP67
Calibration interval: 4 years.
State verification – Yes
Optical indicator – SIO
Version of the electronic transducer – B
Mass of the flow meter without KMCH – 10 kg
Overall length L = 160 mm, Height H = 495 mm.
3.1.3 Optical stationary gas analyzer.
Supply voltage – 24 V (operating range from 16 to 32 V)
Power consumption = 1 W at 24 V (for IR sensor)
Temperature range
– operating mode: -600C to + 600C
– storage: -600C to + 600C
Humidity 0 to 99% (no condensation)
Measurement range -0 to 100% LEL
Target gas – Methane
Outputs – 4-20mA HART;
– relay: “excess of the gas concentration threshold”, “malfunction”.
Sensor type – Infrared, during operation the infrared sensor can be changed to a catalytic one
Light indication: Four-color LED indicator:
Red = “gas concentration threshold exceeded”

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