Block-modular boiler room (BMK)

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Block-modular boiler houses (BMK) are a reliable modern solution to heat supply problems. Such boiler rooms are manufactured in the form of blocks delivered to the installation site by road. If the dimensions and weight of the BMK make it difficult to deliver it to the facility in one container, then it is made of several prefabricated modules, which are installed directly on the site. After installing the modules, BMK is completely ready for connecting external networks. This allows us to guarantee the implementation of the project as soon as possible. According to their purpose, BMKs are divided into hot water, steam and combined ones. The former are used for heating and hot water supply of residential and office buildings, industrial and commercial facilities. The latter provide heat and steam supply for technological processes at industrial and manufacturing enterprises. Combined BMKs are also used for technological processes in which hot water and steam boilers work together. Those. specifications Hot water BMK from 1 to 200 MW. Steam BMK from 1 to 200 tons of steam / hour.

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