Capacitive equipment

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The company produces stainless steel tanks with a volume of 100 to 25,000 liters with thermal insulation, cooling or heating, with mixers of various designs, control and measuring instruments and other technological equipment. Original design solutions using high-quality food grade stainless steel, high-performance equipment for cutting materials, argon-arc welding technology and subsequent control over welded seams, ensures high quality. S.S. Golembiovsky "produces: – Mash-wort boilers; – Filtration vats; – Unified vertical and horizontal fermentation tanks with a spiral-type cooling jacket, providing a temperature regime; – Cylinder-conical tanks for fermentation of beer and kvass; – Tanks for transporting minced meat at meat processing plants; – Mobile tanks-bunkers for bulk products. JSC "NPO" Pribor "named after SS Golembiovsky" develops the following directions: 1. Capacitive and mixing equipment of various types and purposes for food industry enterprises (beer, kvass, drinks, dairy products, butter-fat, etc.) of pharmaceutical and perfumery and cosmetic industries; 2. Tanks, reactors, apparatuses and heat exchangers for chemical industries, household chemicals and paint and varnish industries, as well as tanks for storing water, oil products, etc.; 3. Non-standard equipment according to the drawings or technical requirements of the Customer. Food grade stainless steel tanks can be designed taking into account the customer's requirements for thermal insulation, cooling and heating, equipped with mixers of various designs and instrumentation.

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