Gatekeeper 02

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The device is a single block of the reader-controller, installed directly next to the locked door from the street side. The device is anti-vandal and all-weather. Anti-vandal case and mount type ONEWAY; Works with all types of bank cards (contact and contactless); Support for work with NSPK "MIR" cards; Support for work with CHINA UnionPay cards Customizable filter on the passage of a certain set of cards; Filter for prohibition to the passage of expired cards; There is a possibility of mechanical unlocking of the door; Self-diagnosis of external elements of the system state; Detects skimming pads on the device reader with subsequent alarm notification; Android application for setting up the system via the Bluetooth interface; System autonomy, saves personal data of bank card holders; Warranty 12 months and service support; Those. specifications The hybrid reader of the device provides access by bank cards: with a magnetic stripe; with a chip; Increased number of external connected circuits (elements): power line; external blocking line; customer presence sensor line in the ATM area; lock; exit button; 1. The magnetic head of the reader and the contact group for reading chip cards are as far as possible inside the device to prevent from the influence of the external environment (precipitation, dust) 2. Proximity card reader 3. Foreign object sensors (anti-skimming) 4. Anti-vandal protective pad 5. A protective shutter protects the reader mechanism from getting tokens, coins, small flat objects 6. The service hole allows for emergency removal of the plastic card 7. LED indicator 8. Sound emitter 9. DIP switch for operating modes 10. Terminal connector for connecting system peripherals

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