Intellectual Electronic Device (IED) NPT RTU

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Main functions:Switchgear control&monitoring.Local and remote control of switchgears.Calculation of analogue parameters by CT/VT signals.Time synchronization via NTP, IEEE 1588 (PTP) protocols.Switchgear interlocking function.Disturbance events recording.Relay protection and emergency automatics.Breakers control automatics.Microprocessor equipment integration;.NPT M – highly precise controller (0,2S).Extra functions for SMART GRIDCommunication via IEC 61850: 8-1(MMS), 9-2(GOOSE), 9-2 LE Sampled Values. Тех. спецификации Advantages:Scalable 6U rack.Modular architecture and universal input/output modules.Flexible configuration.Temperature impact protection.IEC stardardized: 61850, 60870, etc.PLC functionality based on IEC 61131.Designed for:Assembling of remote control, dispatch system and automation of auxillary and engineering system Technical details:256 digital inputs128 digital inputs «dry contact»128 control points64 analogue inputs 4÷20мА4 measurement modules for CT/VT (each with 5 voltages and 8 currents)4 serial ports for external device integration

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