Torch travel mechanism for vertical and horizontal fillet welds in confined spaces KC-5

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The KS-5 welding torch travel mechanism is designed for MIG / MAG fillet welds without transverse oscillations of the torch. Small dimensions of the mechanism make it possible to use it in confined spaces and hard-to-reach places. Distinctive features: – strong metal base; – aluminum wheels covered with special heat-resistant rubber, which ensures the operation of the mechanism on surfaces heated to 250 ° C and a long service life; – powerful magnetic system , providing free movement of the mechanism on inclined and vertical surfaces; – all-wheel drive system of movement of the mechanism allows you to maintain a constant speed of movement even on an uneven surface; – the ability to work with almost any welding machine; – manual supports, providing easy positioning of the torch in two directions when setting the process and correction of its position during welding; – ensuring the constancy of the position of the mechanism relative to the joint during welding due to the copying system, which consists of two thrust rollers mounted on an adjustable axis; – a convenient handle for tearing of the mechanism from the product and transportation; – low weight and dimensions of the mechanism; – favorable price offer. An excellent choice for welding horizontal fillet welds and welding in a confined space, a simplified device, an advantageous price offer. Those. specifications Welding position – Horizontal fillet weld Weight – 8 kg Dimensions: HxWxL – 300x210x260 mm Power supply AC 1 ~ 100-240 V (frequency 50-60 Hz) Ground clearance – 6.5 mm (fixed) Number of driving wheels 4 – on fixed axle Number of thrust rollers 2 – on an adjustable axis (adjustment angle ± 1 ° 40 ") Torch travel – horizontal – 50 mm – vertical – 50mm Burner tilt angle along the axis – 45 ± 10 degrees along the Y axis – 90 ± 10 degrees Carriage speed 5 to 60 cm / min Clamping device – magnetic Clamping force – 25 kg Welding torch * – with straight or curved neck, 350 A (500 A), 3 m (4.5 m)

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Product value

0,20 м3

Product length

260 мм

Product width

210 мм

Product height

300 мм


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