Automatic multifunctional titrator ATP-02

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The device allows titration using the following methods: general potentiometric titration; acid-base titration; precipitation titration; complexation titration; photometric titration; visual titration; turbidimetric titration, etc. The titrator is controlled using the Titrate software package. -5.0, which is supplied in three types of configurations with different levels of functionality: basic configuration of the Titrate-5.0 Base; advanced configuration of the Titrate-5.0 Deluxe; professional configuration of the Titrate-5.0 Pro; … The Titrate-5.0 Deluxe and Titrate-5.0 Pro configurations are supplied for a separate fee. The Titrate-5.0 software package is a modern software product in Russian with great analytical capabilities and a convenient, user-friendly interface built on the principle of intuition. With the help of this program, complete control of the device is carried out during the measurement process, data processing is carried out, the metrological characteristics of the obtained results are calculated, information is stored and the measurement protocols are printed. "and" Researcher ". The" Analyzer "mode implements measurements in strict accordance with the methodology and normative document with full automation of the process of obtaining the result. On the command "Start" automatically occurs: measurement and processing of data; construction of a report; saving the measurement protocol in the database; printing the measurement protocol in accordance with the requirements of the normative document. This mode is most productively used in daily measurements and allows you to minimize errors and errors introduced by the operator … The program guides the operator through the entire procedure, displays the necessary prompts, if necessary, informs about possible errors. In this mode, it is also possible to use target programs that are part of the complex. In the "Explorer" mode, all the huge possibilities of the program open up, such as: creating your own measurement procedures; adjusting existing methods; developing new and changing existing mechanisms for processing measurement results; changes calculation mechanisms and user interfaces; calibration and input of parameters of new electrodes; development of new and correction of existing protocols and printed forms; implementation of all research functions of the complex. Methods and techniques developed in the "Explorer" mode can be further used in the "Analyzer" mode. In addition to the specified configurations of the Titrate-5.0 software package, target programs are supplied to the ATP-02 titrator for performing measurements for special tasks. Those. specifications Measurement range: by voltage, mV, not less than from – 2000 to 2000 Measurement range by pH value (рХ), units pH (pX units), not less than from – 20 to 20 Measurement range by temperature, ºС, not less from 0 to 100 Maximum titrant volumes in the flask, ml., not less than 20.00 (dose counting is not limited) Readout resolution, ml. , no more than 0.001 The limits of the permissible value are the basis of the absolute error of pH measurement (рХ), for monovalent ions, no more than 0.013.7. Limits of the permissible value by the basis of the absolute measurement error (рХ), for bivalent ions, no more than 0.02 Limits of the permissible value of the basic absolute error of measuring the emf, mV, no more than 1 Limits of the permissible value of the basic absolute error of measuring the temperature, ºС, not more than 1 Limits of the permissible value of the basic relative error of measuring the mass concentration, no more than%  2. The limit of the permissible value of the relative standard deviation of the random component of the error, no more than% 0.5. Power consumption, VA no more than 40.0 current supply voltage, V. 220 ± 22, Hz 50 Weight, kg., not more than 5 Overall dimensions (length, width, height), mm., not more than 210х220х310.3 Operating conditions: • temperature, range, оС, not less than 5 – 40 • relative air humidity,%, not less than 90 Temperature of solutions, range not less than 0 to 100 ºС in Russian. The software included in the delivery set of the titrator implements the following measurement and data processing functions: • Management of measurements by various methods of volumetric titration (direct, reverse, neutralization, oxidation-reduction, complexometry, etc.). • Generation of reports in accordance with the requirements of the normative document; • Saving the measurement protocol in the database; • Printing the measurement protocol; • Creating your own measurement procedures; • Correction of already existing methods; • Development of new and modification of existing mechanisms for processing measurement results; • Calibration and input of electrode parameters; • Development of new and correction of existing protocols and printed forms; • Implementation of titration methods in dynamic and manual modes. • Calibration of the working electrode by concentration • Performing multi-peak processing (processing of several equivalent points with manual or automatic marking of peaks of the 1st derivative of the titration curve) • Filtration of titration curves with four filters (low-frequency, moving average, least squares method and bad areas). Filtration should be performed by each filter separately or by several filters at the same time. • Ability to edit measurement protocols. • Simultaneous loading of several measurement protocols.

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